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Are Electricians the Worlds Worst Spellers - 38 Misspellings Seem To Say So

While doing some keyword research recently, The amount of misspellings of the term electrician absolutely amazed me.  

Listing some of the most popular missspellings shows that it may be the general public who are not always the brightest spark when it comes on how to spell...

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Electrocution of Victorian dairy farmer

The electrocution of a dairy farmer in the Victorian town of Yarroweyah last week highlights the dangers of working in, and around electricity, and in the proximity of water

Melbourne electrocution is another sad day for our industry

The death of a 24 year old man, whilst working in the Melbourne suburb of Dallas is another sad reminder of the dangers of working with live electricity

DIY electrical jobs are downright dangerous

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is urging electrical contractors to remind clients to take appropriate precautions when it comes to electrical work around the home, after the recent tragic electrocutions of two men in a Sydney apartment.